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Download Real Player v18.1.7.343 Free Latest For Windows

Download Real Player is the advance harmony technology of music. It provides the feature to download music for multiple devices. This player is the latest in this digital era to find videos, songs, various clips and download them to safe and play them later. Interface of real player is customizable like a sections of books in library. Thus download real media player and managed all the live streams, videos, audios and other saved things in one place. You can also rip or transfer songs on CDs, USB or other portable devices for further playing. It fully support all devices and windows with good sound and video display experiencing. It is the advanced player also supported every format of videos online videos and give full access to 3200 radio stations. Real toolbar provided free for internet explorer with this media player.

Download Real Player v18.1.7.343 Free Latest For Windows

Features  Real Player

It is a universal player for all windows and play all formats of video including MPEG4, MP3, Blu-ray, HD and many more.

Supports all DVD and HD quality videos, audio and also online with internet connection.

It is compatible with iTunes and can transfer desired videos from any website to your iTunes library.

Online streaming videos or audios can pause, play, forward and rewind with just single click.

This player is with built-in media browser to support all surfing on web to play videos or audios.

Advance technology to control audios including 10 band equalizer. The other unbelievable feature is to convert tape, vinyl and even voice to digital files.

This media player has the ability to burn, mix and rip CDs, DVDs with single click.

Optimize the sound with advanced graphic equalizer. You can adjust equalizer to your desired condition.

It gives a crossfade between reverb and songs to remix them in a professional way.

Supports various audio formats like MP3, AAC, CD and many more.

Your visualization of video look as so beautiful, colorful and other animations play in the background.

How to Download and Install Real Player 18?

  1. Click the link given below to download setup.
  2. Disconnect the internet connection.
  3. Install the setup.
  4. Now enjoy wits amazing dual features.

Download Real Player v18.1.7.343 Free Latest For Windows Links Here

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